Published articles

Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce Newsletter, Summer 2016:
Rapid and profitable growth for a young accountancy business

Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce Newsletter, Winter 2016:
Restructured financing and team development lead to profitable growth

Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce Newsletter, Winter-Spring 2015:
Rationalising a fragmented IT support service

Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce Newsletter, Autumn 2014:
Increasing the value of a business for sale

BusinessZone, 29 October 2014:
Do you know what your customers really think?

BusinessZone, 21 October 2014:
Developing good internal customer service

BusinessZone, 13 October 2014:
The value of customer service

BusinessZone, 25 September 2014:
How to measure customer satisfaction

BusinessZone, 16 September 2014:
The principles of great customer service

Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce Newsletter, Summer 2014:
Company restructuring raises performance and profits

BusinessZone, 4 June 2014:
The value of business mentoring

Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce Newsletter, Spring 2014:
Doubling the profits and getting back in control

HRzone, 9 March 2014:
Compensation plans: setting sales goals and performance objectives

HRzone, 4 March 2014:
Implementing your sales compensation plan

RM2 Partnership Newsletter, 26 February 2014:
Ten steps to bring your brand to life

HRzone, 21 February 2014:
Choosing a sales compensation formula

HRzone, 17 February 2014:
Setting up a sales compensation plan

Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce Newsletter, Winter 2013-14:
Early-stage business raises £3m on AIM after restructure

BusinessZone, 29 December 2013:
Selling a business: the sales memorandum

BusinessZone, 30 October 2013:
The process of selling a business

BusinessZone, 25 October 2013:
How to maximise the value of your business

BusinessZone, 10 October 2013:
How to value your business for sale

Russia Local Newsletter, September 2013:
How to succeed in international markets

HRzone, 27 September 2013:
One-to-one coaching for behavioural change

HRzone, 16 September 2013:
How CEOs can get outstanding results from their one-to-ones

HRzone, 12 September 2013:
One-to-ones as a coaching tool for CEOs

BusinessZone, 3 September 2013:
Post-acquisition integration: points to consider

BusinessZone, 8 July 2013:
Ten pricing pitfalls to avoid

HRzone, 8 July 2013:
How to avoid the top ten recruitment blunders

NRG Networks, 8 July 2013:
The truth about sales and marketing

BusinessZone, 13 May 2013:
Why positive feedback is crucial to high performance

HRzone, 13 May 2013:
How to run an effective internship programme

BusinessZone, 1 March 2013:
Four common myths about leadership

NRG Networks, 1 March 2013:
Better team collaboration: ten guidelines

Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce Newsletter, October-November 2012:
Providing balance and focus for a post-merger integration

Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce Newsletter, July-August 2012:
Boosting customer take-up of a new service

Evolution CBS Newsletter, May 2012:
Is your business ready for you to move on?

Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce Newsletter, May-June 2012:
Getting stock under control

HRzone, 30 April 2012:
How to hold on to good employees – Part 3: The strategies (continued)

HRzone, 27 April 2012:
How to hold on to good employees – Part 2: The strategies

HRzone, 17 April 2012:
How to hold on to good employees – Part 1

BusinessZone, 2 April 2012:
Should you use spare cash to acquire another business?

BusinessZone, 28 February 2012:
The value of project management skills in business

BusinessZone, 21 February 2012:
Ethics in the supply chain

TrainingZone, 20 February 2012:
Bullying and harassment at work: How to maintain a positive climate in a company

Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce Newsletter, February-March 2012:
Improved CRM boosting company profits

HRzone, 6 February 2012:
Bullying at work: How to maintain a positive climate in a company, 20 January 2012:
VAT waived on two Christmas charity singles – a sign of things to come?

HRzone, 6 January 2012:
Should banks cut executive pay?

BusinessZone, 3 January 2012:
How to make your business sustainable, 20 December 2011:
How would a Tobin tax affect your business?

BusinessZone, 28 November 2011:
A brief introduction to e-invoicing, 25 November 2011:
Developments in eurozone tax policies and possible impact on business

HRzone, 25 November 2011:
How companies can guard against executive stress, 25 November 2011:
Current issues in corporation tax planning

Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce Newsletter, November-December 2011:
How a product repositioning justified a price differential

BusinessZone, 28 October 2011:
The habits of highly efficient supply and demand chains

TrainingZone, 28 October 2011:
What is the business value of training?, 27 October 2011:
Mirrlees Review dubs UK tax system “overly complex and frequently unfair”, 26 October 2011:
HMRC targeting tax havens

TrainingZone, 22 September 2011:
The importance of succession planning

BusinessZone, 21 September 2011:
Disaster recovery and continuity planning

HRzone, 21 September 2011:
Management development: how to train and inspire successful leaders in your company, 14 September 2011:
Is the 50% tax rate a threat to UK business?

Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce Newsletter, September-October 2011:
Delivering low-pain change that sticks

NRG Networks, 5 August 2011:
Trimming your business’s costs – without compromise

BusinessZone, 5 August 2011:
The importance of digital marketing

HRzone, 5 August 2011:
Hiring the right people

Mondaq, 21 July 2011:
Business mentoring – a guide for mentors and mentees

GrowthBusiness, 5 July 2011:
Reducing the risk of bad debt

Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce Newsletter, June-July 2011:
Mentoring gets a company back on track

Before and After 6 Newsletter, Summer 2011:
Do you need a new business model?

Top Consultant, 24 May 2011:
How much is your business worth?

BusinessZone, 10 May 2011:
The 2011 Budget: Good for business?, 21 April 2011:
The tax implications to consider if you’re planning an exit strategy

Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce Newsletter, March-April 2011:
Cost savings through strategic sourcing, 7 March 2011:
Doing business abroad

Top Consultant, 31 January 2011:
How to get the best from your marketing budget

TrainingZone, 26 January 2011:
All about sales training

HRzone, 26 January 2011:
Writing a great job description