Whale Hunting:
How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company
by Tom Searcy and Barbara Weaver Smith

Whale Hunting: How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company by Tom Searcy and Barbara Weaver SmithSummary

What do whale hunting and business growth have in common? A precise and successful methodology, as it turns out.

In Whale Hunting: How To Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company, authors Tom Searcy and Barbara Weaver Smith explain the nine phases that the Inuit people of northwest Alaska use to scout, hunt, and harvest their whales. The authors translate the Inuit methodology into processes and apply them to the business practice of landing large clients.

The book offers specific, actionable steps when it comes to making big sales. And it shows how to engage a cross-functional team of subject-matter experts throughout the process of selling and closing the deal. These steps form the “Whale Hunting” process. Once a company learns the process, it is easily repeatable from client to client. These are the basic steps:

  • Pre-Scouting – Analyse your capabilities, and the field of available clients
  • Scouting – How to target your best prospects, research them, and get their attention
  • Planning – Plan your contacts, message and questions
  • Hunting – Analyse the buyer’s team and mitigate their fear
  • Capture – Selectively discover information from and disclose a controlled message to your client.
  • The Big Show – A step-by-step guide for meeting with the buyer’s team
  • Servicing – How to service the large client with capacity and velocity
  • Understand the process – Refine your internal operations and systems so that they can handle more large accounts.

While these specific steps are presented clearly in easy-to-understand terms, implementing them requires an exceptional amount of work, time and the right people. But, the authors contend, the pay-off in landing a major account (one that is 10 to 20 times the size of an average account) is worth the effort.

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