Integrating Newly Merged Organizations
by Michael P. Gendron

Integrating Newly Merged Organization By Michael P. GendronSummary

More than half of all mergers and acquisitions fail to meet established objectives of value creation. This book provides a practical guide to help ensure the successful outcome of M&A activities.

Michael P. Gendron highlights the critical issues that have been the foundation of poorly executed business integration processes. How these key elements are handled can make or break the integration of an acquired company, he says. They include understanding the purpose of the transaction, capturing the learning of preliminary due diligence review efforts, and managing the personal factors that affect all employees in the merger process, including those who work for the acquiring and acquired companies.

The book also provides executives involved with the integration process with the tools they need, including checklists and assessment tools to develop, plan and execute a successful merger. Whether new to the M&A process or a seasoned pro, the executive charged with key M&A responsibilities will benefit from the book’s straightforward examples and non-technical presentation of information.

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