April 2012

Find Your Next: Using the Business Genome to Find Your Company’s Next Competitive Edge
by Andrea Kates

Find your next by Andrea KatesWhat can an oil company (Pennzoil) learn from a great place for hanging out (Starbucks) to create a new customer experience (Jiffy Lube)? Find Your Next offers a groundbreaking method for developing a powerful long-term corporate strategy based on the Business Genome approach.

Business Genome project creator Andrea Kates calls Find Your Next a field-tested, customised blueprint for mapping out your business DNA in four steps:

  1. Sort through your options and assess your hunches.
  2. Match your genome to other successful business models.
  3. Hybridise your company by grafting new ideas with proven successes.
  4. Adapt and thrive by breaking old habits and starting new trends.

This guide walks you through each step of the process, combining intuition and experience with statistical data and case studies.

“Every great strategic thinker uses the ideas in this book … but it took Andrea Kates to write them down for the rest of us.”

(Seth Godin, author of We Are All Weird)

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