Dark Angels by John Simmons

Dark Angels
by John Simmons

Dark Angels by John SimmonsSummary

To say that this is a book about how to be a better writer at work would be to do it an injustice. Dark Angels is a wonderful read in its own right. The way John Simmons writes, by bringing so much of himself and his life into his work, is to live by one his central tenets – bring yourself to work. He’s right. It’s more fun (and more effective) that way. In here, you’ll find the proof, a compelling mix of practical tips, anecdotes, literary and other examples, wrought together with the kind of inspiring stories John Simmons is admired for. The great thing about Dark Angels, like his other books, is that it reaches out and makes us believe that, professional writer or not, within every one of us, is a better, more creative, more confident writer waiting to be coaxed out. We’re all dark angels ready to fly. And businesses will be all the better for it. What more could you ask?

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