CEO Tools by Kraig Kramers

CEO Tools
by Kraig Kramers

CEO Tools by Kraig KramersSummary

This book equips managers with business tools to accelerate business results. CEO Tools then goes on to assure ease of use and effective application of the tools by providing unique implementation aids.

The book itself is a quick-and-easy read at about 250 pages that are fully absorbable quickly. Implementation of every tool may take a bit longer, a challenge amply answered by the included CD that greatly accelerates the go-do process. While the book is written in an anecdotal style, the tools are offered in an orderly fashion. Graphics, tables and easy-to-read charts illustrate the book both to showcase the tools and to facilitate use of the tools.

The author cites experiences from running eight different companies. These companies bridge the spectrum from service to manufacturing to high tech to distribution, and include union/non-union, public/private, growth/declining, and regional/national/international situations.

Each of the seven core chapters contains a dozen or so business tools with callouts in the margins and helpful implementation tips. Cross-references and additional resources are abundantly provided to augment application of the business tools.

To further assure easy tool implementation, the book has a CD. This provides instant computer access to the 24 automated tools from the book’s over 100 management tools. The CD also offers a master icon that can be placed on computer desktops to access the tools readily at any time. A few tools are internet based and are uniquely linked from the icon to the internet, including, for example, a short audio version of the toolkit and a longer streaming-media version, already in place.

A plus to the book’s practicality is its organisation by toolkits (chapters) that naturally correspond to the author’s seven-step management process. Each chapter concludes with a summary page or two offering the top 10 tools in a toolkit for that chapter, again to accelerate the go-do aspect of the book. Finally, a quick reference list depicts the top 10 CD/desktop tools and the top 10 non-computer tools from the book.

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