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Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box
by The Arbinger Institute

Leadership and Self-DeceptionThis is a profound book that has the power to really change the talent environment in your business and also deepen your personal relationships. In every personal interaction, you have the choice to view the other person as a person, or as on object (means to an end). This book explains the powerful ramifications of that choice.

Leadership and Self-Deception shows how the problems that typically prevent superior performance in organisations and cause conflicts in our personal lives are the result of a little-known problem called self-deception.

People who are in self-deception live and work as if trapped in a box. They can’t see the reality around them – they’re blind to the self-serving motivations that are sabotaging them on the job and at home.

But there is a way out. Through an entertaining and engaging story, Leadership and Self-Deception shows what self-deception is, how it operates, the damage it does, and, most importantly, what can be done about it.

This third edition includes new research about the self-deception gap in organisations and the keys to closing this gap so that people take responsibility for their own problems and for organisational problems. It also includes the first chapter from Arbinger’s latest bestseller, The Outward Mindset.

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