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Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World
by Cal Newport

Deep WorkAccording to a study by CubeSmart on the loss of productivity, the average office worker is interrupted seventy-three times every day. The average manager experiences some type of interruption every eight minutes. With each interruption taking an average of five minutes to resolve, this amounts to around half of the working day.

With our lives more noisy, chaotic and distracting than ever before, Cal Newport explains how we can find our inner quiet place and cultivate a deep work practice – focused, distraction- free time to get BIG things done.

By analysing how prominent academics and leaders utilise deep work habits, Newport shares the tools of their success – and why this deeper way of working is so advantageous in the modern world. Deeper working doesn’t just lead to better work, it can give us the greatest gift of all: time.

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