Executive coaching gets a marketing services agency back on track

Executive coaching gets a marketing services agency back on track

After an encouraging first year, a marketing services agency experienced a budget cutback and the loss of a major client. By the end of the second year, billings had fallen to 20% of the first 12 months. Seeing the survival of his agency under threat, the managing partner sought coaching.

What we did

We first got our client to identify what was and wasn’t working in his business. We analysed monthly billings per client, sources of new business, strategies for winning business and growing existing clients, and reasons business wasn’t won. Strengths and development areas for key players in the agency were also identified.

Our client learned about his personal motivations and how they were affecting the business. He also realised that, as a business, they hadn’t been stretching themselves to go beyond the minimum. Through coaching, he was encouraged to increase his financial and business goals.

Our client realised he had a tendency to look for what might go wrong. Simply looking for what might go right changed the results he was getting. He learned that being his clients’ ally was key to winning and growing his business. He also realised the importance of delegating and trusting others, and started seeing the business develop without his direct input. Taking a coaching approach to leadership – helping his people to think – supported the process.

Coaching enabled the client to define key USPs, develop internal PR programmes within their clients and set up referral partners. It became clear that they weren’t practising as many business development strategies as they could. A powerful vision was created, which included the development of a full-service integrated communications agency.

The client identified his personal need for recognition at work and found more effective ways of meeting this need.

The outcome

Within four months, turnover had increased by 40% compared with the previous period, and for the next full year increased by 125%. The client also reported that the coaching helped him to feel calmer and more in control.

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