Achieving a 30% profit increase by changing perception

Achieving a 30% profit increase by changing perception

Our client, a corporate photographer, was struggling to grow his business. Sales turnover and profit figures were flat.

Our challenge

We needed to generate turnover for the client, who saw himself as an artist and aggressively opposed the prospect of “selling” his service.

What we did

We first reviewed the client’s customers who had purchased from him before but not in the last 6 months. This generated a list of over 150 names.

We broke this list down into categories based on the type of photography the customers had originally purchased. We then developed a mailing campaign that focused on each category and included photo portfolios.

In parallel we developed and implemented a new pricing strategy.

The outcome

During the first 4 months following the campaign launch, the client’s enquiries increased by a factor of 6 and average monthly profitability rose by more than 30%.

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