Terry Irwin to take part in roundtable talks on “Embracing Change” – November 2013

Terry Irwin to take part in roundtable talks on “Embracing Change” – November 2013

TCii Managing Director and CEO Terry Irwin will take part in a roundtable discussion entitled “Embracing Change: How to develop and embed strategies for thriving in a changing business landscape?” in London on 26 November 2013.

Subjects on the agenda will include:

  • The challenge of change: what helps or hinders leadership effectiveness
  • The impact and importance of data, research and insights
  • How strategy can help companies spot and profit from market changes
  • How to develop a “virtuous circle” of recognising change, adapting accordingly, and strategising to take advantage of future change
  • The key dangers of missing trends and market shifts

This roundtable is one of a series under the auspices of Hard to Measure – an ongoing investigation into best practice, insights and tools to deal with the intangibles of business performance. The initiative was set up jointly by performance management and management information expert Karen Topp, who specialises in the alignment of performance indicators to business strategy, and branding consultant James Bridgman, who helps fast-growth start-ups, SMEs and corporates to develop and deliver compelling brands.

Among the other delegates to the “Embracing Change” roundtable discussion will be Andrew Blantz, Senior Change Manager at Barclays; Arnold du Toit, Founder/Engineer at DriveDaddy and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2011; Cliff Fluet, Partner at Lewis Silkin LLP, and Ruth Goodhead, Head of Change Management at Marks and Spencer.

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