TCii enhances its HR expertise through new partnership – July 2008

TCii enhances its HR expertise through new partnership – July 2008

TCii has added extra HR expertise to its client offering by linking up with Youmanage, whose innovative online toolkit gives organisations a smarter way to support their front-line managers. The system is designed to improve the efficiency and performance of both line managers and HR professionals by giving them all the tools, information and guidance they need in one place.

“Research shows that companies that have good people management practices in place perform significantly better than those that don’t,” says TCii CEO Terry Irwin. “We are delighted to bring our clients the benefits of Youmanage’s groundbreaking solution, which can help them to avoid potentially disastrous employee-related problems while saving them considerable sums in HR-related costs.

“It is particularly useful for businesses with more than one site: as it is web based, managers can access all the information they need from wherever they happen to be, keeping themselves better informed and more self-sufficient.”

Detailed guidance and alerts

The Youmanage toolkit leads managers step by step through the common management tasks involved in a range of HR matters, from interviews to disciplinary procedures. By alerting managers to overdue tasks or approaching milestones, the system can forestall the problems that often arise when an issue that is important to an employee is neglected because a busy manager does not see it as a priority.

Among the tools available online are:

  • training materials
  • guidance notes
  • standard HR letters and forms
  • updates on employment legislation.

Additional support services include implementation, consultation and training.

For more information, visit the Youmanage website.

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