Corporate finance, venture capital and angel investing

Corporate finance, venture capital and angel investing

Optimise your chances of securing funding for your business

What do we do?

We help companies to identify the best way to raise capital for their business.

Where venture capital is the best route, we help you to develop a business plan and presentation, and provide training in presentation skills and handling questions.

We’ll then introduce you to appropriate venture capitalists and support you during the complete process.

Why is this important?

A large number of companies who apply for venture capital fail to secure it. Often their business plan is inappropriate or unrealistic, or the return on investment doesn’t justify the risk the venture capitalist would need to take.

But viable ideas that offer a good return also often fail. The reason? Poor preparation and a failure to present information in the form investors are looking for.

How can we help?

We begin with a detailed evaluation of your business proposition, looking in particular at your sales and financial forecasts. Sometimes it’s clear that venture capital is inappropriate and other sources of funding are considered.

We work with you to ensure that an appropriate business plan is prepared. Once the plan is finalised, we focus on presentation and question and answer training, running ‘Dragons Den’ style rehearsals.

What are the benefits?

We can’t guarantee finance will result, but we can reduce the risk of failure by ensuring that all ‘entry ticket’ criteria are satisfied and that your management team present their business in an informed and confident way.

Next steps

For more information on how we can help with your venture capital requirements, please call 0207 099 2621 or visit our contact page.