Strategic market intelligence

Gain access to the critical data that will enable you to gain competitive advantage for your business or make a profitable acquisition or investment.

Understanding your competitors is of course one of the keys to business success. But if you want to take your business performance to the next level and become a market leader, it is access to timely and accurate intelligence about a current or potential market that will really make the difference.

TCii’s strategic market intelligence service helps companies to understand key information both about their competitors and about their current and future markets.

And if you are thinking of acquiring a company or providing one with venture capital or private equity funding, you need to safeguard your investment by delving into the track record and future potential of the target business, and the standing and reputation of the business owners. You need to dig deep for information that is not available via standard research channels.

This is where TCii’s global experience comes into play. The expertise and insights of our own consultants and the on-the-ground knowledge of our worldwide network of contacts are a rich, reliable source of up-to-date information about acquisition or investment targets and their owners’ attitudes, decision-making habits and ways of doing business.

What exactly is strategic market intelligence?

Strategic market intelligence is information relevant to a company’s markets, gathered from the company’s external environment and analysed specifically for the purposes of accurate and confident decision-making.

Strategic market intelligence informs and supports decisions relating to investment opportunities, market opportunities, market penetration strategies, diversification strategies, expansion strategies, 4Ps strategies and market development metrics.

The most valuable information is often not directly available, and may not even come to light during a due diligence process. Our strategic market intelligence service probes deeply to find the critical data that will fuel a company’s growth or underpin a successful investment decision.

Who needs strategic market intelligence?

How well you can collect and analyse appropriate external data can dictate how well you are able to generate knowledge and, ultimately, value. Strategic market intelligence is therefore an immensely powerful tool for CEOs, boards of directors, venture capitalists and private equity providers.

TCii has been active in the strategic market intelligence arena for over ten years. We have worked with corporate and institutional clients on local and global strategic market intelligence projects across most industries. Our comprehensive analyses address major issues affecting a current or new market that have acute significance for our clients’ growth and success, such as:

  • competitive landscape
  • key trends and driving forces
  • customer and potential customer profiles
  • competitive success factors
  • industry tiers and market share
  • competitive capabilities of other industry players
  • prevalent and predicted economic conditions
  • technology innovation
  • social and cultural environment
  • legal and political environment
  • geo-political risk factors.

TCii’s strategic market intelligence solution

TCii offers a comprehensive set of strategic market intelligence services to help clients to make the right decisions on crucial issues. They include:

  • in-depth “standing and reputation” analysis of your potential joint venture partners, acquisition candidates and investment targets
  • early detection of threats, to minimise your investment risks
  • competitive analysis:
    • how your business is positioned in the market
    • how your competitors are positioned and how they differentiate themselves
    • early warning of competitors’ moves so that you can take counter measures
  • early identification of opportunities such as new trends, ahead of your markets and competitors
  • better market selection and positioning, to help you understand where your offer fits and discover untapped or under-served potential
  • recommendations on actions to take
  • recommendations on ways to improve your market intelligence.

Next steps to competitive advantage through strategic market intelligence

To find out how strategic market intelligence could give your business the pivotal data it needs to succeed in a global marketplace, email us or call us on 020 7099 2621.