Recruitment: hiring peak performers

Boost productivity and efficiency by 100% or more by improving your employee selection process.

It’s well known that the most important asset of any enterprise is its people. A company that is determined to succeed will make sure that it puts the right people on its corporate bus, in the right seats, before pointing the bus in the right direction. To make the transition from “good” to “great”, a business needs to select and hire only peak-performing employees.

Long-term research, featuring repeated predictive validity studies, has shown that employees who pass an appropriate employment test can be more than 100% more productive than those who don’t. So prioritising the employee selection process can have a quantitative impact on productivity.

But how can you ensure that only the right people – those who will boost your company’s productivity and efficiency – are allowed to board your corporate bus?

The dimensions of success for potential employees

The answer is to look critically at your hiring practices and your organisation chart with an eye to the three dimensions of success:

  • Can do (skills, knowledge and experience)
  • Will do (personality and motivation)
  • Follow-through (values and disciplines).

TCii can help you to pinpoint your HR vulnerabilities by reviewing and analysing key elements of your recruitment procedures, and can guide you in rectifying any problems.

  • Your job descriptions – do they define all the competencies, personality traits, values and disciplines you seek in a candidate?
  • Your training and development resources – are they good enough to bring new hires up to the required proficiency levels, and to adequately mentor and motivate those who need it?
  • Your pre-screening recruitment practices – do they accurately assess the competencies of your candidates?
  • Your personality tests – are they valid and reliable?
  • Your filtering system – does it routinely eliminate unsuitable candidates?
  • Your accountability systems – do they accurately measure individuals’ productivity?

Developing current employees

Many of the key elements mentioned above are equally applicable to existing staff. In addition, we can advise you on the use of the following:

  • Annual reviews and/or 360 feedback to assess employees’ proficiency in their core competencies, and their compatibility with your organisation’s values and disciplines
  • Educational opportunities to improve their proficiency if necessary
  • Coaching or counselling for employees with incompatible personality, motivation, values or disciplines

Where incompatibilities in existing employees cannot be corrected, we can help you to decide whether reassignment is a viable option.

Next steps to a more productive workforce

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