Free up your internal resources to focus on the core competencies that give your business a competitive edge.

The benefits of outsourcing

Are your company’s own valuable resources being exploited to their full potential, or are they being dissipated on tasks that are less strategically critical and for which there are no special capabilities within the business? Organisations of all sizes are finding that they can improve profitability and power growth by:

  • concentrating their own resources on a set of core competencies that differentiate them from their competitors and provide unique value for their customers, and
  • outsourcing other activities for which they have neither a critical strategic need nor special capabilities. Such activities including many that have traditionally been considered integral to any company.

Using outsourcing strategically in this way will bring you four significant benefits:

  • You will maximise the returns on your internal resources by concentrating investments and energies on the things your company does best.
  • You will be free to develop your company’s core competencies to a level where they provide formidable barriers against present and future competitors that seek to expand into your marketplace.
  • You will be able to make full use of external suppliers’ investments, innovations and specialised professional capabilities that would be prohibitively expensive – or maybe even impossible – to duplicate internally.
  • Today’s marketplaces are evolving rapidly and technological advances are arriving thick and fast. Adopting an outsourcing strategy will enable you to decrease risks, shorten cycle times, lower your investment costs, and respond more quickly and more accurately to your customers’ changing needs.

Why consult TCii about outsourcing?

We have helped many clients to clarify their core competencies, and identify the activities they could profitably outsource. We also provide indispensable guidance on how to select an outsourcer – including the crucial questions you should ask your outsourcing candidates – and how to manage your chosen outsourcer for best results.

Next steps to a profitable outsourcing strategy

If you would like to know how you can leverage your internal resources to power growth, while getting non-core activities performed efficiently and cost effectively, please call us 020 7099 2621 or email us for more information.