Building an innovation culture

Fuel your growth and increase your profits by creating a true innovation culture in your organisation.

Today, any company that expects to survive long term by simply carrying on “business as usual” is courting disaster. We are going through a time of significant change in consumer behaviour, in a marketplace that becomes more competitive day by day.

The need for innovation and fast responses to market changes has never been greater, so businesses need to create an organisational culture that encourages their people to think creatively and empowers them to challenge the status quo.

TCii works with client companies of all sizes to nurture an innovative culture, for good reason. Recent research has found that companies with both highly aligned innovation cultures and highly aligned innovation strategies have 30% higher enterprise growth and 17% higher profit growth than companies with low degrees of alignment.

What makes a company innovative?

The elements that make up a truly innovative company are many:

  • a focused innovation strategy
  • a winning overall business strategy
  • deep customer insight
  • great talent
  • the right set of capabilities to achieve successful execution.

More important than any of the individual elements, however, is the role played by corporate culture – the organisation’s self-sustaining patterns of behaving, feeling, thinking and believing – in tying them altogether.

How to optimise an innovation culture and climate

After you’ve been around an organisation for more than a few weeks you begin to get a feel for the place, the culture, “the way we do things round here”. This feel can vary dramatically from company to company. It may be inspiring and energising, or it may be life draining, even soul sucking.

To optimise the culture and climate in your organisation, first you need to capture and measure the invisible. To help you do this, TCii is able to offer you access to the Dolphin Index™, a tool used extensively in business, research and academia to put an exact set of numbers on the “feel of the place”.

A free offer from TCii

Would you like an assessment of how far your culture is stimulating innovation – or its opposite: stagnation? Then take up our offer, which is as follows:

  • We will take you through a 15-20 minute questionnaire, free of charge.
  • You will then receive an immediate summary of how the perception of your organisational culture compares with a comprehensive UK norm. You will see your scores on the 13 dimensions that collectively make up the Dolphin Index™.

Map of the 13 dimensions of the Dolphin Index

  • Once you see the real value of putting a hard metric on what is so key to success yet usually so difficult to see, you can move on to measure the climate and culture of your teams and functions and the organisation as a whole.

At this point you can choose to receive a full report with detailed notes and summaries. The cost of the full report and recommendations will depend on the degree of complexity, the number of respondents and the extent of the recommendations. An estimate can be provided on request.

Follow-through service

Companies that wish to follow up their Dolphin Index™ report with further action can choose from a number of options, including workshops and seminars.

Next steps to a true innovation culture

For further information about the Dolphin Index™ and how it can help you create or improve an innovation culture in your organisation, email us or call us on 020 7099 2621.