Non-executive directors

Non-executive directors

Non-executive directors (NEDs) are more important than ever for bringing in fresh, unbiased guidance to companies and organisations of all sizes.

Finding the right non-executive director, however, can be challenging. The right person will have a strong and lengthy track record in your market sector, or in one that presents a good opportunity for synergy and knowledge transfer into your company.

They must also fit well with your company’s board and culture … but not too well, because their role is also to challenge the board and management.

They’ve got to be available, too, for the part-time commitment required, and be able to get up to speed fast on the issues and challenges facing your organisation.

A non-executive director can often see risks and opportunities in the marketplace that are sometimes overlooked by the executive management. This is because they are not wrapped up in the day-to-day running of the business. A non-executive director can, therefore, step back from the stress of everyday business life and see things from a different perspective. They can provide a vital strategic overview.

TCii’s senior team have all served as CEOs and MDs and are available to join your business as NEDs.

Next steps

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