Mergers and acquisitions

Create substantial, profitable growth through a properly planned and implemented acquisition.

Acquisitions offer a legitimate growth strategy for companies of all sizes. But they carry a high degree of risk, and when they fail they usually do so in spectacular fashion. So, how can you reduce your risk and maximise your chances of success?

How TCii can help you make a great acquisition deal

The combined experience of our consultants spans a considerable range of business types and sectors, and we are constantly building on our excellent track record in negotiating and supporting successful mergers and acquisitions. We are therefore able to offer our clients the help and information that’s usually only available to the largest organisations.

Our input provides crucial objectivity, under five main headings:

  • Evaluation. You may already have a clear strategy for growth through acquisition, or you may currently just have a desire to grow profitably. We will help you to focus your thinking and evaluate opportunities for both organic growth and growth via acquisition. We will then drive the optimum solution for your business.
  • Selection. If it turns out that an acquisition is indeed the best growth solution for your business, we will work – either independently or as a member of your team – to select a target company that will bring your business the benefits and synergies you are looking for. As an objective advisor, we will robustly question your assumptions about the benefits and synergies you are likely to achieve from the acquisition.
  • Due diligence. We help you gather all the necessary information about your proposed acquisition target, so that you enter into the purchase with full knowledge of all the relevant facts. Click here for more details about due diligence.
  • Negotiation. Once you are satisfied that the proposed acquisition target meets your criteria, we will make a confidential approach on your behalf. We will also help you calculate the value of the business so that you don’t pay too high a price, and negotiate favourable terms. For more on the complexities of business valuation, read our Mergers and acquisitions white paper. If all goes well and you confirm that you want to proceed with the deal, we will progress matters to final contract.
  • Integration. No acquisition deal will yield its full potential benefit without careful post-acquisition integration. We will help you plan and implement the systematic integration of your existing and newly acquired businesses, in a way that best achieves the full benefits and synergies that you envisaged. Click here for more insights into post-acquisition integration.

Next steps to a successful, profitable acquisition

For a free initial consultation about your acquisition or merger plans, email us or call us on 020 7099 2621.