International trade and distribution

Build a profitable international trade and distribution business without wasting time and effort.

Do you need an introduction to international trade? Or do you have an existing import, export and distribution business that you want to develop? International trade and distribution is a profitable growth engine for many companies, but preparation and implementation can be time consuming and fraught with problems.

TCii has extensive experience of setting up and running distribution contracts within Europe, Australasia, the Russian Federation and other ex-USSR countries. Our structured and results-focused approach reduces the risk of wasted time and effort.

As well as helping clients to establish international trade and distribution operations, we can extend our service to cover targeting and evaluation of potential overseas markets.

Make use of TCii’s resources at home and abroad

Geographically, we can give you the best of both worlds. We have a raft of experienced consultants based in, and native to, countries that present good prospects for an international expansion project. However, we manage your project from your home base, making your involvement and control easier.

This combination – the expertise of our home consultants and the in-depth local knowledge of our overseas consultants – will save you considerable time and money and will also help you set realistic expectations.

Advice on strategies and tactics

You may already have international trade initiatives in place or you may be considering this step as part of your business expansion. Depending on your objectives, we will advise on appropriate strategies and tactics and the resulting scenarios.

Once the strategy is clear, we will work out a more detailed implementation plan. For example, for low volume goods it may be appropriate to set up an import and distribution agreement with an agent or distributor in the target country, in which case we will source suitable candidates and prepare contracts.

Our experienced local staff will:

  • inform you fully about the local market and legal and trading requirements
  • help you with visa applications
  • provide interpretation and translation services where necessary
  • assist with local logistics and security arrangements.

Next steps to a healthy international trade and distribution business

Learn more about how to maximise your international business opportunities by emailing us or calling us on 020 7099 2621.