Facilitating your strategy review process

Make sure your business strategy focuses on the issues that will power your company’s long-term growth and profitability.

In the current economic climate, you may be finding it hard to get your people to think creatively and long term. Concerns about project funding, the trend towards short-term contracts and general uncertainty mean that strategy discussions often centre around the immediate prospects for business survival.

But strategy should really be about working out what you want to do, where you want to get to, and the bigger outcomes you desire.

TCii offers a full strategy review process that can cover either the whole of your business or identifiable business segments.

Why involve TCii in your strategy review?

As with all the clients we have helped to conduct an effective strategy review, we will engage fully with your board and senior management to ensure alignment in approach and in the development of the strategy review process and outputs.

We will begin by helping you to frame your strategic objectives. This is something that must be done carefully at the outset, if your strategy review is to be truly effective.

We will also guide you through a comprehensive discovery process to reveal the positioning of your business in relation to:

  • the market opportunity
  • the competition
  • your internal capabilities and assets
  • future trends.

You can then use the outputs of this discovery process as a basis for selecting your strategy pathway, taking into consideration issues such as exit planning, comparable company analysis and future investment requirements.

As part of the strategy review we provide a full market and financial analysis to support investment decisions. This includes revenue components, the cost base of the business and a clear valuation methodology.

The TCii approach to strategy reviews

For each strategy review we tailor the approach to fit the needs of the company. And we recognise that while process is important, it is essential not to lose sight of the key value drivers that the board and investors will want to see.

We take account of organisational culture, the unwritten rules, history and assumptions that glue an organisation together. Sometimes the culture is too strong and inward looking, which makes new ideas and new thinking hard. Often a culture that is too strong can block strategy.

Where the strategic analysis process requires close interaction with the board and management, TCii can provide ongoing preparation and facilitation for strategy review meetings.

Next steps to a productive strategy review

To find out more about how a well conducted strategy review could help you to meet – or even exceed – your long-term business objectives, please call us on 020 7099 2621 or email us for more information.