Business and environmental sustainability

Future-proof your business to operate in a resource-constrained world.

Enlightened businesses recognise that customers will be increasingly unwilling to buy from those who treat the environment as a dumping ground and have no concern for tomorrow. Today’s visionary business leaders are therefore taking a proactive stance to look at the sustainability of their business model.

The benefits of a sustainable business model

The benefits of transitioning to a sustainable business model are not just limited to lowering your impact on the environment. They also include lower costs, a more resilient business, better motivated staff and higher customer approval levels.

Faced with the choice of doing business with a company that myopically focuses only on today versus one that is working to reduce its current impact and helping to create a future world that has a safe and healthy climate, that enjoys clean air, water, soil and power, an increasing number of customers will go for the latter.

Why consult TCii about sustainability?

We have helped many of our enlightened clients to transition to a sustainable business model. This can involve anything from energy audits or product innovation through green procurement to a full-blooded reappraisal of how the business functions.

In addition, any manufacturing company that is interested in becoming a truly restorative enterprise – returning more to the environment than it takes from it – may want to think about adopting the principles of The Natural Step Framework, which asks how nature would design an industrial system. TCii, in conjunction with the Carbon Free Group, is able to offer The Natural Step analysis tools.

Further resources about sustainability

Read our case study about InterfaceFLOR, a US carpet company that increased sales and doubled profits while turning the traditional “take-make-waste” industrial system on its head:

Carpet company undertakes mission to become a restorative enterprise

Watch this 16-minute video of InterfaceFLOR Chairman Ray Anderson on the business logic of sustainability.

Next steps to a future-proofed business

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