Attract, persuade and retain customers through powerful branding and strong brand management.

Branding is of course critical to market share and long-term business success. But the notion of branding is often misunderstood by even the most marketing-savvy organisations.

What is branding, really?

Branding is more than just your company logo, your product packaging and your advertising and PR campaigns. A brand is a collection of intangibles: ideas, feelings and word associations, which reside in the mind.

A brand represents a value proposition, and it is this intrinsic value that makes consumers choose one brand over another. Your “brand promise” therefore needs to answer three questions:

  • What business is our brand in?
  • What differentiates our products and services from those of our competitors?
  • What is superior about the value we offer our customers?

What does branding do?

The aim of branding is to express a set of basic principles that can be understood by everyone who comes into contact with your business, from customers and shareholders to employees and the wider public.

The four pillars of branding are:

  • Differentiation – how you set yourself apart from everyone else in the market.
  • Relevance – to do with appropriateness, meaningfulness and, ultimately, the value of your point of difference.
  • Esteem – the response of your customers when you succeed at building relevant differentiation.
  • Understanding – how well customers understand and believe in your point of differentiation.

How TCii can help you build your brand

Does any of the following apply to you?

  • You need a brand for a new business, a new product or a new service.
  • You have an existing branded product or service, but its market share is not as large as you would like.
  • Changing market trends and conditions mean that your brand is looking a little tired, and it’s time for a branding review.

To solve such issues, TCii has helped clients in many different sectors to develop a powerful brand strategy by:

  • identifying their core message – the distinctive value of their product or service
  • building their message – framing the distinctive value in a succinct message that people can understand and relate to
  • promoting their message – aggressively marketing their product or service and, over time, solidifying its image and its associations of quality in customers’ minds
  • being their message – ensuring that the entire organisation is living it, so that there is a direct connection between their brand message and their customers’ experience.

We also offer our wealth of experience in:

  • brand positioning – developing a list of performance characteristics that your customer is looking for, and connecting desired attributes to your brand
  • brand extension – researching whether extending your brand into a new area will have a positive or negative effect on your core business
  • online branding – making sure your e-commerce brand matters to consumers in some significant way.

Next steps to a powerful brand strategy

For a brand strategy that will take your market share to the next level, email us or call us on 020 7099 2621.