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Why radical honesty is a superpower
by James Bridgman, November 2019

Branding: brilliant business tool or just jargon?
by Craig Thatcher, March 2017

Marketing communications and the moving image
by Brian Hemingway, April 2012

Brand strategy
by Andrew Zulver, September 2010

Business continuity/disaster recovery

A resilient approach to Brexit
by John R Robinson, June 2017

Corporate culture

Culture can destroy progress
by Stephen Harvard Davis, December 2017

Does your business need a dress code policy?
by Joanna Gaudoin, September 2017

Cultural challenges in the boardroom
by Simon Chelton and Charlie Wilson, March 2013

Corporate governance

The tone from the top
by Ian Muir, August 2014

Corporate social responsibility

How CSR can change your business
by Melissa Davis, June 2011

The rise of social accountability for business
by Melissa Davis, May 2011

Crisis management

What causes organisations to suffer crises?
by John Basinger, October 2017

Crisis management planning
by Per Holmgren, November 2010


Why would you sell your business?
by Henry Campbell-Jones, July 2018

Do I sell my company now or build it for two years more?
by Henry Campbell-Jones, May 2018

Why you need an exit plan
by Michelle Germain, February 2018

Preparing your company for sale
by Robin Stevens, July 2017

Exiting a business – the three-year cycle
by Rob Goddard, May 2013

Is now the right time to sell my business?
by Rob Goddard, November 2012

Should I sell my business myself?
by Rob Goddard, June 2012

How to maximise the value of your business on exit
by Christopher Jenkins, September 2011

Valuing a private business
by Philip Craig, May 2011

How much is your business worth?
by Henry Campbell-Jones, August 2009

Preparing to sell your business
by Henry Campbell-Jones, August 2009

Why now is a good time to sell your business
by Henry Campbell-Jones, August 2009


Are businesses open to Open Banking?
by Paul de Raney, February 2019

Do you understand your Finance Director?
by Jean Pousson, September 2012

Working with your bank in a harsh economic climate
by David Leigh, November 2011

Recovering lost income
by Paul Steele, May 2011

Corporate finance demystified
by Jim Keeling, February 2011

How IP can boost the health of your pension fund
by Stuart Whitwell, February 2011

Finance for the non-financial manager
by Paul Lower, January 2010


A remote innovation brainstorm method
by Paul Sloane, October 2020

Ten great ways to crush creativity
by Paul Sloane, February 2020

Disasters can open the door for innovation
by Paul Sloane, July 2019

Be unpredictable – surprise your customers and competitors
by Paul Sloane, January 2018

Has the innovation engine run out of steam?
by Paul Sloane, August 2016

How do you innovate without creating chaos?
by Roderic Yapp, May 2016

Better lives, better organisations, better world
by Mark Brown, March 2015

Why you must sometimes be mistaken
by Mark Brown, June 2013

21 great ways to innovate
by Paul Sloane, May 2012


Entrepreneur and Investor visas for the UK
by Tatiana Nevard, September 2014

Want to trade with Russia? Learn from Napoleon
by Ignaty Dyakov, November 2013

Global depositary receipts – investing in emerging markets
by Michael Thompson, November 2010

Political risk analysis
by John Everard, May 2010


Generous leaders win in the end
by Gary Coulton, November 2020

What’s your return on behaviour?
by Gary Coulton, December 2019

Planting and watering dominant thoughts
by Mark Fritz, June 2019

Achieve more with fewer thoughts
by Mark Fritz, January 2019

Three reasons to create peer pressure
by Mark Fritz, September 2018

Five ways to improve your virtual team performance
by David Clive Price, August 2018

Will “disruptive leadership” be the new norm?
by Brett Sadler, June 2018

Driving global leadership with cultural intelligence
by David Clive Price, April 2018

The emerging role of the CVO
by Brett Sadler, March 2018

I am not a free person, I am a CEO …
by David Robertson Mitchell, November 2017

Do emotionally intelligent leaders have more engaged staff?
by Paul Rein and Sonya Bendriem, May 2017

Legal and compliance

Brexit and the lawyer who cried wolf!
by Claus Andersen, March 2020

I overpaid because you lied to me
by Andrew James, December 2018

Part 18 of the new insolvency rules: reporting and remuneration of office-holders
by Tom Gardiner, April 2016

Voluntary arrangements and HM Revenue and Customs
by Stephen Evans and Hugh Jesseman, January 2017

The Insolvency (England and Wales) Rules 2016
by Tom Gardiner, November 2016

How to protect your business against a team move
by Declan Bradley, May 2016

Using trademarks to protect your business
by Christiana Loizides, April 2016

Social media for employers
by Colin Smith, February 2016

Alternative dispute resolution
by Miriam Gitlin, November 2015

The organisation of a restructuring
by Robin Tutty, August 2015

The family-friendly workplace
by Linda Stewart and Parveen Attri, June 2015

Confidentiality agreements – ten top FAQs
by Andrew James, June 2015

Silos – and why they are unhelpful
by Nick Gould, January 2015

The Graham report on pre-packaged administrations
by Simon Parker, December 2014

Intellectual property issues on a sale
by Eddie Powell and Ian Brent, October 2014

Entrepreneurs’ relief under attack
by Nick Sayers, May 2014

UK transfer pricing legislation – how does it affect you?
by Nilesh Shah, April 2014

How to comply with director duties to avoid a situational conflict of interest
by Richard Phillips, December 2013

Restrictive covenants in employment contracts
by Julian Charles, May 2013

Fraud risk – are you covered?
by Alan Day, March 2013

Data protection and the cloud
by Nigel Kotani, March 2013

Who wants to be a director?
by Christopher Burgon, February 2013

Is your business properly protected against your employees?
by Nick Hine, October 2012

Top ten legal tips for rapidly growing businesses
by Shainul Kassam, January 2012

Checklist for selling a business
by Julian Charles, January 2012

Ten things you should know about the Bribery Act 2010
by Shainul Kassam, November 2011

Bullying and harassment at work
by Steven Eckett, September 2011

Disqualification of company directors
by Xiaohan Guo and Henry Farris, September 2011

The Bribery Act 2010: How will it affect your business?
by Claus Andersen, April 2011

Anti-bribery checklist to keep your company and people safe
by Rhys Novak, November 2010

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme – a new challenge for UK business
by David Leedham, August 2010

A guide to the Environmental Damage (Prevention and Remediation) Regulations 2009
by Greg Davies, June 2010

World Cup fever: an employer’s guide
by Joanne Perry, May 2010

Winding up a company debtor
by Sherrards Solicitors, February 2010

Finance director – the loneliest position?
by Nigel Stanford, February 2010

Employers’ obligations when it snows and staff don’t show
by Joanne Perry, January 2010

Top ten tips for detecting and preventing fraud
by Jonathan Wall, January 2010

Pre-pack administration vs company voluntary arrangement (CVA)
by Simon Parker, January 2010

Top ten questions from creditors of troubled companies
by Julian Charles, January 2010

The rectification of commercial contracts
by James Hardy and Berkeley Edwards, November 2009

Ten tips for reducing the salary bill
by Gary Freer and Helen Webb, February 2009

Banking your non-financial profit
by Greg Davies, September 2008

Health and safety at work
by Nigel Lack, September 2008

Managing a redundancy process
by Richard Linskell, July 2012


Infect the trade show zombies
by Nick Looby, November 2018

Market segmentation
by Brian Ballard, January 2010

Personal branding
by Steve Preston, June 2008

Media, communications and reputation management

The challenges of communication
by William Buist, August 2019

Why do people believe fake news?
by Graham Jones, October 2018

Three simple steps to change the world through communication
by Nick Looby, October 2016

Communicate in business writing – a short overview
by Julian Jackson, September 2016

Networking and relationships leading to success
by David Adams, December 2015

Networking – why it matters for those in larger companies too
by Joanna Gaudoin, September 2015

Five tips for raising your company’s profile
by Fiona Nicolson, July 2014

Communication – the good, the bad and the social
by Jo Pearson, March 2013

Great answers to tough shop-floor questions
by Michael Dodd, February 2013

Why social media works – herds vs individuals
by Paul R. Smith, October 2011

Social media – ten steps to success
by Paul R. Smith, July 2011

The social media agency relationship – a guide for businesses
by Kate Spiers, June 2011

BP and the media: What you and your company can learn
by Michael Dodd, July 2010

LinkedIn: Who is checking you out?
by Mark Williams, December 2009

Mergers and acquisitions

Unlocking maximum value using supply chain design technology
by Paul Johnson, February 2015

Post-merger integration: gold-medal learnings from London 2012
by Paul J. Siegenthaler, October 2012

How to do a management buyout
by Jim Keeling, January 2012

Selling or buying a business? Choose the right strategy
by Keith Van Vessem, November 2010

Acquiring a distressed company
by Marcos Theodosiou, February 2010

Advantages and disadvantages of listing on the Alternative Investment Market
by Andrew Killick, August 2008

Non-executive directors

How non-executive directors are improving board performance
by Chris Spencer-Phillips, August 2017

Hiring an effective non-executive director
by Chris Spencer-Phillips, September 2012

The changing role of the non-executive director
by Chris Spencer-Phillips, June 2011

The value of investing non-executive directors
by Chris Spencer-Phillips, June 2011

The role and value of the non-executive director in AIM companies
by Chris Spencer-Phillips, June 2011

How to choose a non-executive director
by Ken McCracken, February 2011


How to get a good night’s sleep
by James Sale, January 2010

Have you packed your pension properly? A guide to QROPS
by Simon Bonnett, November 2009


Procurement: buying legal services
by Steve Wills, March 2016

Procurement: dealing with large suppliers
by Steve Wills, October 2015

Ten top tips for better procurement
by Steve Wills, May 2015

The perils of energy contract rollovers
by Andy Carless, October 2013

Procurement has no part to play in corporate strategy – myth
by Bryan Duggan, March 2010


You need to say “thank you” to your customers more often
by Graham Jones, March 2019

Key account management
by Chris Newman, January 2016

Winning more business in professional services firms
by Chris Matthews, June 2013

Senior-level telemarketing – the top ten success factors
by Jonathan Silverman, April 2010

Building strong relationships with customers
by Tim Aston, August 2009

Customer focus
by Malcolm Wicks, June 2007


The three Es of a business-winning presentation
by Dexter Moscow, January 2020

Getting the butterflies flying in formation
by Dexter Moscow, May 2019

Why we need more PIMS
by Bryan Duggan, March 2010

Success is a mind game
by Steve Sharpley, October 2008


Carpe diem: When commercial opportunity knocks for SMEs
by Stephen Bramhall, May 2012


Shareholders’ agreements: Top ten tips for start-ups
by Paul Taylor, June 2013

Writing an effective investment proposition for an early-stage company
by Thomas Youngman, May 2011

Six things your accountant should tell you but probably won’t
by Christopher Jenkins, January 2011


Mothballs and spring cleaning
by Andrew James, April 2020

Joint venture business models – an overview
by Andrew James, October 2019

Are partnerships an effective business growth strategy?
by Andrew Newton, April 2019

Why change needs gardeners not mechanics
by Gary Lloyd, February 2017

Technology companies AIM high
by Robin Stevens, November 2014

Ten steps to better decision-making through improved management of risk
by Paul Taylor, November 2013

Commandos at the negotiating table
by Simon Buzza, September 2013

The meaningless mantra of “on time and on budget”
by Gary Lloyd, August 2013

The hidden power of internal focus groups to catalyse change
by Chris Matthews, January 2013

The price is right – or is it?
by Christopher Jenkins, January 2011

Tips on strategic cost, purchase and supplier management
by Mike Lennard, December 2010

Linking financial and cultural values
by Bruce Lewin, November 2009

Managing intangibles
by Bruce Lewin, November 2009

Why software rollouts too often result in rollovers
by Valerie Merrill, October 2007


Sustainability – why it’s an issue no business can ignore
by Harold Forbes, March 2011

Systems and processes

The key to successful IT projects
by Gary Lloyd, June 2014

Transforming IT into a business asset
by Graham Stead, January 2014

Three hands-on techniques for managing operational change in ERP projects
by Sven Ringling, July 2012

Business process mapping
by Adam Garland, October 2010

Talent Management

HR matters in the spotlight: parental pay and atypical working
by Lance Hobbs, September 2019

Seven principles for effective executive assessments
by Ian Muir, July 2016

Interim management: the misnomer
by Richard Beesley, March 2014

Future leaders – are you prepared?
by Nigel Gracie, February 2014

How to embed employee engagement
by Bay Jordan, October 2012

The KiFi™ Model
by Paul Matthews, February 2012

Where to go after all the cuts have been made
by Jessica McGregor Johnson, February 2012

Employing people you like
by Christopher Jenkins, January 2011

Corporate governance and the role of non-executive directors in SMEs
by Frank Lewis, March 2010

How to motivate those facing redundancy
by Steve Grace, October 2008

Are you living up to your potential?
by Leah Conway, September 2008

Why HR must empower the line manager
by Phil Brown, July 2008

How to attract and keep top talent
by Stephen Harvard Davis, June 2008

Career values and needs
by Steve Preston, June 2008

I’m not crazy I’m Just not you
by Julie Hall, September 2007

Consultant, coach or mentor? What’s the difference?
by Penny Sophocleous, June 2007

How do you get 25 people to agree to a common goal?
by Rosanna Henderson, February 2007