Pricing Strategy

Do you have a perfect understanding of the impact your product or service pricing has on your growth and profitability? Would you like to be able to use pricing as a tool to develop your business and position it competitively in the marketplace? TCii’s Pricing Strategy will enable you to get your offer right.

We usually carry out the strategy development over a period of one month, spending a minimum of two full days with your company’s business decision maker and his or her senior team.

What does our Pricing Strategy cover?

The process will vary from business to business, but usually includes:

  • Discussions with the business decision maker and key members of their team
  • SWOT analysis
  • Interviews with key customers
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Review of the organisation
  • Recommendations

Who will benefit from our Pricing Strategy?

  • Businesses looking to understand how they can use pricing as a tool to generate profitable growth and maintain competitive advantage
  • Businesses looking to increase focus and profitability through a robust pricing policy

Clients purchasing our Pricing Strategy often combine it with our Business Mentoring package to ensure that the recommendations are implemented and key staff fully involved.

How much does our Pricing Strategy cost?

£3500 + VAT for up to two days.
Additional days by agreement: £1500 + VAT per day.