Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Do you want to increase your company’s sales and improve its profitability? TCii’s Marketing Strategy will guide your business towards a bigger turnover accompanied by higher profit levels.

We usually develop the strategy over a period of one month, spending a minimum of two full days with your company’s business decision maker and his or her senior team.

What does our Marketing Strategy package cover?

The strategy development process will vary from business to business, but usually includes:

  • Discussions with the business decision maker and key members of their team
  • Marketing strategies
  • Targeted markets
  • Implementation tactics
  • Corporate image
  • PR
  • Social media
  • Digital marketing/internet marketing
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Interviews with key customers
  • Review of:
    • the market
    • the competition
  • Definition of:
    • critical success factors (CSFs)
    • key performance indicators (KPIs)
    • strategic goals
  • Development of a strategic road map
  • Recommendations

Who will benefit from our Marketing Strategy package?

  • Businesses looking to increase sales and improve profitability
  • Businesses seeking a systematic marketing approach and clear target markets
  • Businesses looking to get more value from their marketing spend – for example, an increased flow of new enquiries

How much does Marketing Strategy cost?

£3500 + VAT for up to two days.
Additional days by agreement: £1500 + VAT per day.