Commercial Due Diligence and Post‑acquisition Integration

Commercial Due Diligence and Post-acquisition Integration

Acquisitions and joint ventures are both excellent routes to expansion for many businesses. For a safe transaction and a successful outcome, however, two processes are critical: due diligence and post-acquisition integration. Thorough and professional due diligence will safeguard your investment by confirming all the material facts relevant to the transaction, while fast integration will lead to lower costs, a more focused approach and less wasted time.

Many businesses do not have sufficient internal resource to handle these crucial processes without outside help. TCii’s Commercial Due Diligence and Post-acquisition Integration package is a service designed to fill this gap. We can act either alone or as an extension of your team, to ensure that the necessary processes are completed professionally, on time, and on budget.

What does Commercial Due Diligence and Post-acquisition Integration cover?

The service will vary according to the type of transaction involved, but the following could be among the principal elements.

Due diligence:

  • Carrying out commercial due diligence on your behalf, working either from your due diligence checklists or from our own
  • Advising you on any areas of concern
  • Commenting on your acquisition objectives, goals and time frame (if required)
  • Acting as a communication conduit between your business and the target company

Post-acquisition integration:

  • Setting up task forces for each critical area
  • Leading each task force (if required)
  • Communicating between the HQ and the subsidiary (if relevant)
  • Planning and implementing the total communications plan

Who will benefit from Commercial Due Diligence and Post-acquisition Integration?

  • Businesses that are planning to set up a joint venture with another company
  • Businesses looking to acquire and successfully integrate another business
  • Businesses looking to realise acquisition or joint venture synergies on time and on budget

How much does Commercial Due Diligence and Post-acquisition Integration cost?

£2500 + VAT per day.
The number of days needed will depend on the nature of the project and your objectives, and will be agreed with you before the project commences.