Working with a virtual PA

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions from business owners who express interest in working with a virtual PA.

1. What is a virtual PA?

A virtual PA is someone who is in the business of providing administrative support to clients in an ongoing, collaborative relationship. Many people are under the mistaken idea that a virtual PA is anyone who “assists” “virtually”. That is not the case. The definition and concept of virtual assistance is not based on the literal translation of those two words.

Virtual assistance is a profession providing administrative support in a very similar way to the professional support provided to an executive in a corporate environment. In the same way that you call a doctor when you’re unwell, an accountant when you want to file your tax return or a lawyer when you need legal advice, a virtual PA is the professional you call when you need skilled experience to carry out administrative support.

2. What is the “virtual relationship” and how does it work?

Administration is not an event. It’s not something that is carried out once and never needs addressing again. It’s ongoing work that must be carried out on a regular basis and accomplished throughout the life of your business in order for the business to grow, generate revenue and run smoothly and profitably.

By working in an ongoing relationship with a virtual PA, you know you can rely on someone who has an understanding of you, what’s important to you, how you go about achieving your goals, and how your business operates. Of course you can utilise the services of a virtual PA on an ad hoc basis, as and when you need support, for example to cover your regular PA’s holidays. But the longer you work together with a virtual PA, the more value you will gain in terms of cost effectiveness.

When you hire a virtual PA, you are working with a professional, not an employee. As a business owner, your virtual PA is going to have his or her own systems and processes for starting the relationship, and will help you to determine what can be delegated by talking things through in detail.

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