The five forces of disruption

Between now and 2030, there are five forces that will transform businesses. Each of these will present challenges and opportunities, with every leap forward offering the chance to consolidate positions of strength or upset the status quo.

To reach these five forces of disruption, a range of emerging technologies has been analysed through an extensive literature review and horizon scanning. This has led to the analysis of around 30 drivers, leading to the isolation of those overarching trends that:

  • would be relevant within a ten-year timeframe
  • would most affect how businesses operate, and disrupt existing models or industries.

The five forces in question are:

  1. 5G – and with it, the Internet of Things (IoT)
  2. Artificial intelligence (AI)
  3. Autonomy
  4. Hybridity
  5. Blockchain

These developments are likely to have implications for all businesses – if not in day-to-day operations, then in the lives of their staff and clients. They also present the opportunity for entirely new tasks, roles and ways of doing business.

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