Ten ways to boost execution

Smart leaders look for any advantage to achieve the most effective performance from their team – especially in tough times.

In 2008, TCii led 21 planning sessions with small and medium-sized companies in the UK. At the conclusion of each planning session we presented the leadership teams with the good news/bad news reality of planning and execution. The good news: You now have a concise written plan that all leaders agree will take the organisation to the next level of its success. The bad news: You now must execute it, and the odds of doing so are against you.

Consider these cold, hard facts. In a recent survey of leaders, more than 400 CEOs and their right-hand executive responded that “failure to hold people accountable” is the single greatest threat to an organisation’s ability to execute its strategic plan. Is accountability an issue in your organisation? If so, it’s one of ten stumbling blocks we’ve identified that trip up leaders as they work to turn their strategic plan into results.

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