Ten essentials for coaching

If you’re a leader, you’re a business coach. Every coach needs a reliable set of proven maxims to lead their employees. Here are ten commandments of leadership to live by. The importance of each one may vary in your company, but these basic tenets are tried and true.

1. People will grow to fit your expectations.

Expectations are the most powerful motivating force we have as managers. We must hold our expectations high and act as if everyone on our teams is a high-potential talent. In doing this, we create a space for people with a lot of performance upside. On the other hand, for those working below their potential, it will help them understand that more is expected of them.

2. Focus your business coaching on the behaviours that matter most.

The best business coaches understand that people have a lot of trouble accepting criticism. Consequently, they carefully pick the best opportunities to influence behaviour. A manager who says everything that comes into their mind will use up their coaching “word count” very quickly. If we know that only 10 to 20 per cent of what we say is going to stick, why would we say more? Economise your coaching and get much better results.

3. See people as they can be, not as they are.

The greatest gift a manager can give an employee is seeing them as the person they can become. Often the coach is the only person in someone’s life who is willing to do this. So it is 100% appropriate and incredibly powerful to remind someone on your team of this. “In all of our interactions, I’m going to treat you as the top performer I know you are going to be.”

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