Small business non-executive directors

Non-executive directors can provide valuable benefits to small businesses. They are the voice of experience that can guide the business forward. But how do you find the right non-executive director for your business, and manage them for best results?

The role of the non-executive director

Non-executive directors – often abbreviated to NEDs or NXDs – work with other directors to guide a company to long-term growth. A non-executive director is a company board member who provides independent strategy and advice.

Non-executive directors are not concerned with your day-to-day issues, but they are expected to understand exactly how your company runs, attend board meetings, and stay up to date with the accounts. Non-executive directors may well get more involved in the nitty-gritty of a business in its first few years.

Skills of the non-executive director

Non-executive directors are also expected to assess how the company runs. They bring boardroom skills and experience to businesses, as well as offering a wider perspective on company direction.

While non-executive directors fulfil all the duties of a company director, their corporate governance abilities are not as important as their strategic skills. Special knowledge and guidance are the most important part of their job.

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