Pipeline recruitment

Over the last 25 years we have seen companies struggle when they have a need to recruit for a critical role. It takes a tremendous effort to find, engage, nurture and attract top talent. This is the complete opposite of the traditional process of filling jobs.

In the top talent model of recruitment, you will fish deeply in the right ponds for the best candidates, using creative and current methods such as social media recruiting, one degree of separation, stakeholder referrals and compelling marketing statements. In the niche or geography you’re recruiting in, you’ll have beaten the bushes and attracted a strong number of passive candidates currently employed and successful. These candidates stay with you for years and are major impact players.

In the filling jobs model of hiring, you will run an advertisement that really is not an advertisement, but rather a job description masquerading as an advertisement. You will then wait two to three weeks while every toxic, dysfunctional, average, mediocre, unemployed non-performer responds to your ad.

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