One-to-ones – coaching direct reports

In today’s business environment, one of the most important roles CEOs can embrace is that of coach, teacher and mentor. One of the best tools CEOs can use to coach is consistent, structured one-to-ones with their direct reports.

By one-to-ones we mean high-level conversations where you and your direct reports set aside quality time to address the long-term strategic issues facing the company and the developmental issues of your management team.

One-to-ones with direct reports allow you to:

  • achieve better alignment in respect of the vision, mission and goals of the company
  • gain a clearer picture of how your direct reports think and solve problems
  • provide quality time for coaching and mentoring – essential activities for building your management team
  • model the behaviour you want your direct reports to use with their people.

Equally important, one-to-ones provide much-needed recognition for direct reports. Giving your time and undivided attention sends the message that you consider them valuable players on the team.

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