Micromanaging – why you shouldn’t do it

Micromanaging is not a sustainable method of ensuring your organisation is effective and efficient.

Consider these points:

  • Micromanaging destroys your focus. If you are constantly checking in on the quantity and/or quality of your team’s work, how much time are you spending on your own? Consider that it is not just the actual time, but the amount of focus and energy as well.
    As a leader, your focus is your most valuable asset. If you are focused on checking the work of others, can you also be focused on the longer-term challenges and opportunities? If you are consumed with the minutiae of what others are doing, no one is keeping an eye on the horizon to see what lies ahead.
  • Forget about others taking ownership. The more you micromanage, the more you own that output. You are the problem in this scenario! You might believe you are ensuring high-quality work, but what happens when you continually find errors in the work and/or it is consistently not done on time? You become more focused and more diligent.
    That is precisely what leads others to take their hands off the wheel and lose all interest. Subconsciously, they accept that you are going to be checking every detail, and this obliterates any desire to produce high-quality work on time. Why would anyone want to own their work when it is never their work? Micromanagers create armies of sub-par team members because the latter know it will never be “right”, so why should they put any extra effort into it?

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