Leading with integrity

Customers want it, employees demand it and investors require it: integrity. The increasing pressure to take shortcuts to success means business leaders must now, more than ever, model integrity and instil it in their people and organisations.

While some may define integrity simply as honesty, we view it as even more than that. It’s a commitment to a clear mission, vision and purpose.

For C-suite leaders, this is foundational. The mission, vision and purpose create an understanding of what the organisation is aiming to achieve and govern decisions made at every level. Leaders should take every opportunity to bring them to the forefront and integrate them into everything the company does.

Equally important is establishing expectations of transparency and the belief that everyone has a voice and ideas to help the company succeed. In the workplace, it’s what colleagues, customers and investors see as the predictable way the organisation operates: doing the right thing for all parties in full view. When integrity manifests itself in an organisation, everyone understands the goals, operates in line with expectations, and holds each other accountable to those standards.

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