Goal setting – how and why it works

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We can accomplish more and go further if we dedicate ourselves to written goals, keep the goals on our corporate and personal radar screens, and follow through on the steps required to make them happen.

Goal setting: step one in management by objectives

Research found that 68 out of 70 organisations examined in various studies enjoyed productivity gains as a result of management by objectives. Goal setting is the first step in management by objectives.

Research on goal setting shows that it is a very powerful technique to improve individual productivity and organisational effectiveness.

Yet many CEOs are not personally goal oriented.

Goals give us focus, get us going, add to our resolve and lead to actions. A common element among high achievers is sharing goal-setting behaviour. 
In writing goals, high achievers are prepared to risk failure – and the demands 
of success.

Setting achievable corporate goals

Before you can begin goal setting, it’s essential to create a blueprint for how the process will unfold. We recommend five points in the company plan.

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