Do you ask for referrals?

By TCii Admin |

When we ask clients why they don’t get referrals, the response is almost always “I forget to ask.” This is not a new problem, but one people have avoided confronting, like many other issues in their lives, mainly due to several forms of fear, misconception and presumed falsehoods, which we call “head trash”. The result, sadly, is a significant limitation to business growth.

Here is our ten-point plan for growing your business today:

  1. Make a commitment to ask at least 80% of all clients and prospects you meet with for referrals, every time you meet with them.
  2. Start to ask for referrals at the beginning of your relationship, as opposed to waiting until you feel as though you have “earned it”.
  3. Understand that referral gathering is a process and a campaign – so treat it as such, and ask for referrals continuously.

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