Are you investing in your own leadership?

In order to remain competitive and stay on top of marketplace changes, CEOs and key executives need to commit to investing in their own leadership development.

Recently conducted research showed that CEOs from small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are focused on decisions and investments related to business optimisation. To fully capitalise on these investments, a CEO also needs to make leadership development a priority.

Below are the top five questions you need to consider.

1. Are you developing your skills across a broad range of functional areas?

CEOs are at the centre of business decisions that cross multiple functions, from IT and finance to marketing and sales to operations and management. Staying at the forefront of each of these disciplines is an enormous task, which is why leaders must constantly find small ways to broaden their capabilities in diverse areas.

Consider training opportunities that give you access to the latest insights about issues such as building a strong culture, making strategic investments, executing on a strategy, and communicating effectively with teams.

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