15-point strategic planning checklist

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Strategy and the planning associated with creating and implementing it is all about the results, but how do you evaluate your process for strategic planning and know if it is on track or as optimised as it might be? This article should help you to objectively evaluate your planning process and identify potential issues and risks that may exist in your organisation’s current planning world.

Evaluate your planning process and strategy effectiveness

Let’s start with the following questions:

  • Have you given much consideration to the possibility that your strategic and operational plans may be far less effective than they could be?
  • How would you begin to measure the effectiveness of your current strategic planning process?
  • Is the process effective and repeatable in consistently defining meaningful goals that get achieved as expected when the plan is followed?

Scan through the checklist below and do your best to give a first-impression “yes” or “no” answer to each question.

  1. Did you conduct a current-state analysis of your organisation’s ecosystem as part of your planning process?
  2. Were all strategic goal “candidates” systematically prioritised to ensure that the “right” goals were selected?
  3. Do you have more than five strategic goals in your plan?
  4. Does your plan time frame (not your strategy) span more than 12 months?
  5. Are any of your plan goals not related directly to measurable outcomes?
  6. Do all employees within the company know the plan goals for the current plan year, and can they explain how they are expected to contribute to the achievement of the goals?
  7. Have you communicated with key business partners or suppliers of the 

organisation about the plan goals that might affect them, and where they could assist in the achievement of one or more plan goals?

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