Consultancy costs

What do TCii’s strategic and management consultancy services cost?

The way we calculate our strategic and management consultancy fees is similar to the way other professional service fees are set:

  • First, we assess the task and the deliverables that the client requires, and then select the consultant who possesses the appropriate experience and expertise.
  • We then estimate the time required to deliver the project.

Before undertaking any work, we discuss and agree with our client an estimate of consultancy costs for the project, together with any associated travel, accommodation or other expenses.

Premium consultancy services at a non-premium cost

TCii is international, but can be classified as a “boutique” strategy consultancy. We therefore have much lower overheads and operational costs than our competitors. Because of this, we are able to deliver outstanding results to our clients in a cost effective way that the majority of our competitors cannot match.

It is difficult to estimate strategic and management consultancy costs without a detailed brief from a client. However, as a general guideline, TCii’s charge-out rate for an experienced Senior Partner currently ranges from £1500 to £1800 plus VAT per day. This is around 50% of the rate for a similarly experienced consultant from our larger competitors.

We can charge our consultancy fees on an hourly basis if you prefer, but a day rate is more usual.

Although our consultancy costs are approximately half those of our larger competitors, we offer the full range of expertise that you would expect from a high calibre strategic consultancy firm. Our services include strategic planning, strategic marketing, exit strategy and implementation and board-level mentoring.

Please click here to see the full range of TCii’s consultancy services.

We recognise that for some clients it is important to know the exact costs of consultancy services up front. To meet this need we have developed a range of fixed price/fixed delivery services. Please click here for further details of our fixed price packages.