TCii anti-bribery policy

TCii values its reputation for ethical behaviour and for financial probity and reliability. It recognises that over and above the commission of any crime, any involvement in bribery will also reflect adversely on its image and reputation.

TCii’s aim therefore is to limit its exposure to bribery by:

  • setting out a clear anti-bribery policy
  • training all employees so that they can recognise and avoid the use of bribery by themselves and others
  • encouraging its employees to be vigilant and to report any suspicion of bribery, providing them with suitable channels of communication and ensuring that sensitive information is treated appropriately
  • rigorously investigating instances of alleged bribery and assisting the police and other appropriate authorities in any resultant prosecution
  • taking firm and vigorous action against any individual(s) involved in bribery. 

For full details of our anti-bribery policy, please download it here: