TCii Global Code of Conduct

At TCii, we are committed to acting with integrity at all times. For us, integrity starts with the beliefs and actions of each individual within each TCii office. Our success is dependent on the way our people conduct themselves every working day.

The TCii Global Code of Conduct, entitled Performance and Integrity, defines the standards of ethical conduct that TCii requires of its people worldwide. The code applies equally to directors and employees of all TCii offices, regardless of title or position. It sets out our ethical principles, and helps directors and employees to understand and uphold those principles.

We are proud of our history and success at TCii, and we believe that the strength of our professional reputation is the cornerstone of our future.

Should you become aware of any activity within TCii that contravenes our Global Code of Conduct, you can report the incident in confidence using the form below.

Download the full version of our Global Code of Conduct here:

TCii Global Code of Conduct

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