TCii’s commitment to CSR

TCii’s commitment to CSR

All organisations have responsibilities to their people, their clients and society. We believe that a real commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) unites an organisation, strengthens its reputation and creates vital links with the communities in which it operates.


With many graduates and qualified employees citing CSR as a priority, our commitments are helping us to attract, develop and unite great people. CSR projects enable our employees to learn from challenging experiences, gain fresh perspectives, enhance their skills, and work with a broad range of people, including senior colleagues.


Clients actively involved in CSR often prefer to work with like-minded organisations. Our commitment to transparency and integrity and our strong desire to make a positive difference to the world reflect the beliefs and actions of many of our clients.


There is a strong moral case for CSR, and we believe it is right to support selected individuals and groups in need – both as an organisation and as individuals.


We are very conscious of our responsibility to make the best use of resources. We are significantly reducing costs by introducing more efficient approaches to resources such as paper and energy, and to business travel.

United Nations Global Compact

At TCii we are proud to support the signatories of the United Nations Global Compact, a principles-based initiative that aims to influence the creation of a more sustainable and inclusive global economy. The Compact’s ten principles resonate strongly with the TCii values, which define our culture and our commitment to the highest standards of personal and professional conduct.

Support of the UN Global Compact is a way of demonstrating our commitment to advancing the agenda as a proactive corporate citizen. It is an opportunity to explain how the professionalism, experience and values of TCii and its affiliates can contribute to a wider movement for more responsible, legal and ethical behaviour in the marketplace.